serendipity-3About my serendipity life. Serendipity can not be explained as a fortunate happenstance, hhhmmm…  but other people tried to describe serendipity is a word which has a meaning “finding something good without looking for it”. Who was ever watch “Serendipity” (2001)?, this movie is talking about two people who believe in mate- generally talking about the acting out some “Master Plan” to bring two soulmate together. Here is the synopsis of Serendipity:

cover-serendipityJonathan Trager (John Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) met while shopping for gloves by chance in the Christmas eve, in Bloomingdale’s. They decided to go to the cafeteria Serendipity and Jon asks for Sara’s name and phone. Jon wanted to explore things further but Sara wasn’t sure their love was meant to be. Than, they decided to test fate by splitting up and seeing if destiny brought them back together. Sara decided to write it in a book, and Jon on a five dollars bill. She gave the bill to a newspaperman and she said that she would sell the book in a New York used books store. Sara gave the statement that if destiny wants them two together, Jon will get that book back or she will receive that bill again. Many years later, having lost each other that night, both are engaged to be married with their viance… .  

…and curious what did happened to them?. It seems hard to find this movie because the film was released on 2001. Surely unrecommended film,  I gave rate 5.5/10

For the first time I watched this movie a years ago, when I was young – really young (had not relationship) and watching again last night (just broke up with “atashi no otoko”, that is failed relationship which is we built up over nine years). I see it rather differently. Why?… Well, It’s a worse romantic movie that I ever see, in that it perpetuates a pernicious myth, namely that serendipity. Think over and over… huaaaa… thinking about marriage makes me upset. But, I do really hope that he is my serendipity- lol.

Yeah, I have a hundred serendipity life (can I?.. of course I can’t). Everyone must be realized it!. Because, serendipity is not what happens when you find “a sheet of arisan paper” (I looossst it… O, my!. and I have not back up) that you have lost under the books even though you were looking for the note book (yep, I have so many note book with the same cover, sometimes make me confused where is them). Rather it is that moment when you realize that you are actually happier having settled down with a husband and children instead of becoming the presenter/model/miss scuba/nature photographer that you always wanted to be. You started out on the path for different reasons, but somehow it led you to where you wanted to be. I have no a right man who beside me now, but I have a person who I want to settle down with. I was not looking for you, I was not expecting you, but I am lucky to meet you. #hazelnut #137. Yeah… serendipity is something what I called a number 137.

Ohya, who believe with “shooting star”, the power of I wish upon the star?!. Hahahaha… FPI will said that it called “syirik”. No, I am just wanna share a story about my old serendipity. Yeah, when I was young, not really young- about 10 years ago, I ever make a wish to the shooting star- and wow amazing- you know that the universe working of it- Hehehehe…Quite recently I had a relationship with zE- officially zE is my past. And the crazy thing is suddenly- I found you with similar attitude- Crab!. But, I know that you is you, you are not him or his shadow. It means something!. I know it!. It was so natural to say, it made everything seem that much more magical thing. I know it! #hazelnut #137. What it called serendipity.

~Salam hangat dari penjelajah~

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